Arrow Season 2 Finale Recap: Fight Night

Justin Burnell:

My reaction was intense because of the scene where Oliver and the whole gang fighting some bad villains like Slade and stuff like that. I’m surprised that Oliver was saving peoples lives and the whole world. I like that finale that I saw tonight. That was awesome. I wanna know what’s for season three.

Originally posted on TVLine:

Arrow Finale Recap Slade Captured The CW’s Arrow wrapped its sophomore run on Wednesday with the action-packed episode “Unthinkable,” in which Team Arrow got an assist from Nyssa and the League of Assassins in their bid to stop the Mirakuru Minions storming Starling City and, ideally, take down Slade Wilson as well.

VIDEO | Fall TV First Look: The Flash Bests Arrow

Oliver of course bristles some at Nyssa’s offering of one “army” to defeat another — being a fighter, not a killer, and all. And Nyssa in part agrees, though Oliver is reminded, “To fight the unthinkable, you have to be willing to do the unthinkable.” Oliver’s ranks are upped by one more when he gifts the awakened and cured Roy with his own mask. And away they all go, armed with cure-laced arrows….

Almost from the get-go, when attacking Slade at the Queen Consolidated offices, Arrow and Nyssa butt heads, as they get…

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