Breaking Bad Recap: Student Becomes Teacher

Justin Burnell:

The last scene where Jesse and Walt were in the car with their hands cuffed and the cops started shooting. Intense. I was wrong about Walt and Jack being in the car.

Originally posted on TVLine:

Breaking Bad Season 5 RecapJesse both literally and figuratively uses some brains in this week’s Breaking Bad, ultimately leading to a heart-stopping, infuriatingly incomplete final scene. We’re way beyond “Magnets!” here, kids; let’s review the major developments that take place in “To’hajiilee.”

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BURNING FOR YOU | The episode opens with Lydia visiting Todd, Uncle Jack and Kenny at the end of a cook. The meth that Todd has produced is 76 percent pure. That’s “a lot more than it was” when Declan was in charge, Todd points out, but Lydia counters that it’s not blue — and “Blue is our brand.” The color problems happened because the heat was too high, Todd tells her over a cup of tea later. “You burned it. Like a cake,” she paraphrases (heh), then doesn’t seem to know what to do as he draws closer and puts a hand…

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