Breaking Bad Recap: What Skyler Knew, and When She Knew It

Justin Burnell:

Last night’s episode was awesome

Originally posted on TVLine:

Breaking Bad Season 5 RecapHank needs proof. Skyler disappoints, in several senses of the word. Todd is back in a big, bloody way. We’ve got six episodes of Breaking Bad to go and lots of ground to cover, so let’s dive into this week’s episode, “Buried.”

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SKYLER IN THE LURCH | We rejoin Hank and Walt moments after the “tread lightly” scene; as soon as Hank closes the garage door, his brother-in-law peels out of the driveway and then abruptly stops as he tries to call Skyler at the car wash. But she won’t talk to him because she’s already on the line with someone else – and when Hank exits the garage with his cell clamped to his ear, Walt knows exactly who’s chatting with his wife.

Though Walt exuded a menacing, if sad, calm while threatening Hank, he’s in a panic as he…

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