Pretty Little Liars Recap: ‘A’ Takes Aim

Justin Burnell:

I may have never getting tired of this show but the storylines are crazy. That was the best episode of all time. RIP Wilden.

Originally posted on TVLine:

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Another Pretty Little Liars premiere, another big casualty, as Detective Wilden is laid to rest.

His body surfaces in the morning after the fire incident, and it sure does look like the Liars could be framed for this one. A message from “A” leads Spencer and Mona to his casket, where Hanna’s mom’s phone has been planted alongside the deceased. But it’s not Mrs. M who is the texter’s target. “A” actually got video of the four girls and Mona with Wilden’s car the night of the murder, putting the former enemies all in the same “We’re so screwed” basket. (The thing in the trunk? It was a dead pig.)

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“Truth won’t set you free…

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