Happy Mothers Day – Through The Words Of Nas, Ghostface, Ace Hood, Tupac, Jay-Z And Others Rappers!

I would like to dedicate these songs to all the nice mothers out there. Happy Mother’s Day!!

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Rappers love their mothers! There is no questioning that! Through history, rappers have repeatedly oozed the love they have for moms – as they should. Well, there are lots of songs that talk to mom and, since we are universally celebrating mothers day, play these joints after you finish church, dinner and showering mom with gifts!

“Dear Mama” – Tupac

We might as well get this song out of the way. Tupac’s “Dear Mama” set the bar and there won’t likely be a finer ode from mother to son.

“Hey Mama” – Kanye West

When Donda West died, we cried. Before her tragic passing, Kanye West had already honored his mother in song. Its awesome that she her this song before her death. Ye, we honor you as we play this for our mothers. Here is the touching 08 Grammy performance.

“Love My Momma” – Snoop Dogg

What does Snoop…

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Author: Justin Burnell

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