Vampire Diaries Recap: Ghosts of Seasons Past

Justin Burnell:

What happened to Bonnie?

Originally posted on TVLine:

Vampire Diaries Season 4 RecapOn Thursday’s Vampire Diaries, Bonnie’s quest to lower the veil to the other side and bring an end to Silas leads to the return of some familiar faces — and an unexpected deadly consequence.

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Some of the ghosts like Alaric and Jeremy come back bearing good feelings and wanting to look out after their loved ones. Fitting, the former first appears to Damon, but the vamp thinks it’s Silas pretending to be his old drinking buddy. To prove to Damon he’s really himself, Alaric pops open a locker and takes out a bottle of alcohol.

“Would Silas know about locker 42?” he asks and the two hug. Aww, now this feels warm and right.

Alaric explains that the veil has…

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