Game of Thrones – “The House of Black and White” Review

Justin Burnell:

My opinions about this episode was intense. The last scene were some dude’s head getting chopped off like guillotine was on some karate movie shit. Great episode.

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Game of Thrones - "The House of Black and White"Arya’s journey has led her to Braavos. Right to the door of the House of Black and White being slammed in her face, rejected from her journey over the Narrow Sea with a brief encounter from a man inside. With nothing to her name and no where to go she spent much of her time just waiting outside and reciting her list. What else was there for her to do after so long in transit. Her waiting paid off as she was brought inside by the very man she was seeking in disguise. It’s only the beginning for her, but I can’t wait to see what her journey will be like as she learns from him.

It was rather interesting that Sansa and Littlefinger were to chance upon the same tavern that Brienne and Podrick were slumming in. Brienne is loyal, but she is a warrior with a harried path…

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Top 10 Best Gang Starr Songs Ever


US-Rapper Guru of Jazzmatazz/Gang Starr fame i...
US-Rapper Guru of Jazzmatazz/Gang Starr fame in 2006 Français : Guru, le rappeur du groupe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Five years ago today, a hip-hop legend Keith Edward Elam also known as Guru from the group Gang Starr with DJ Premier who passed away at the age of 48 after losing a battle with cancer. I was devastated when I heard about it on the news. GURU is one of best rappers ever for the brotherhood. In the honor the 5th anniversary of his passing, here are the list of the best top 10 Gang Starr songs to remember the hip-hop legend. Continue reading “Top 10 Best Gang Starr Songs Ever”

Eye Candy Cancelled at MTV

Justin Burnell:

I used to like that show. It really doesn’t deserve to get canceled. MTV should have renew it instead of canceling it. Victoria Justice was the reason that I watch Eye Candy. I’m so bummed.

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It’s one and done for Eye Candy.

MTV has cancelled the freshman thriller after one season, a rep for the cable net confirms to TVLine. The culprit? Low ratings.

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Leading lady Victoria Justice broke the news on Twitter late Saturday. “I wanted you guys to hear it from me first, that the cast and I received news that Eye Candy will not be returning for Season 2,” she wrote. “Even though a lot of you are going to feel sad/angry, please know that playing Lindy Sampson, is something that I loved and I will hold dear to my heart.”

TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated with the news.

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Venting Session #2: Hard Time of Apartment Huntings (Revisited)

Image Credit: College Candy
Image Credit: College Candy

OK readers I wrote a post with curse words that was originally posted on Twitter in last year of summer. I was going through some trials and tribulations about looking for an apartment after being rejected. Well I had to look back and recall the thing. In the honor the one year anniversary of my moving out at the apartments next to school this week, this is the story with less curse words.  Continue reading “Venting Session #2: Hard Time of Apartment Huntings (Revisited)”

R&B Singer Johnny Kemp Dead At 55

Justin Burnell:

RIP Johnny Kemp. We have another musician again in this year.

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Johnny Kemp

Singer Johnny Kemp, best known for his hit “Just Got Paid,” died Thursday. He was 55-years-old. The details surrounding his death are unknown at this time.

Initial reports state the Bahamas-born singer died while on a cruise hosted by radio personality Tom Joyner. However, Reach Media, the company that produces The Tom Joyner Morning Show, confirmed that Kemp was not on the ship at the time of his passing.

“We have received confirmation that Johnny Kemp has passed away. We do not have any other details. We can confirm he was not on the ship for the Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage Cruise,” the statement reads.

Reach Media is affiliated with the parent company of NewsOne.

Story developing…

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Arrow Shocker: [Spoiler] Exits Series — But ‘Definitely Not Forever’

Justin Burnell:

Man I’m gonna miss that dude. Roy Harper was a good character of the whole show. That sucks.

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The following contains a major spoiler from this Wednesday’s episode of The CW’s Arrow.

Team Arrow has reduced its head count by one.

Yup, when former street rat Roy Harper left Starling City at the end of the April 15 episode — after Diggle, Felicity and a friend of Lyla’s helped fake his death via prison stabbing — Colton Haynes in turn said goodbye to the CW series he has called home since early Season 1.

Joining Arrow after a run on Teen Wolf, Haynes’ deal with the show was on somewhat of a “trial” basis, so the eventual parting of ways was to be expected, producers told

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“It was super sad, but everybody kind of looked at each other and realized that he’s at the start of, what I’m sure will be, an incredibly…

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