‘True Detective’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: “The Western Book of the Dead”

Justin Burnell:

The season two premiere episode was intense. It has some different actors for this season. Great show.

Originally posted on Flavorwire:

“The Western Book of the Dead” isn’t the most exciting season premiere (though, if I recall correctly, it took a few weeks for the first True Detective season to hook me and that’s only because I watched the first-half in one sitting), but it is a fine introduction, and better than I thought it would be.

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Charleston Church Shooting: 9 Dead In Horrific Massacre, Gunman Still On The Loose

Justin Burnell:

The world is kinda messed up and horrible now. Everything has got to stop. Praying for the loss of nine lives in a Charleston church shooting.

Originally posted on Hollywood Life:

Nine people were brutally shot and killed on June 17 when a gunman walked into a historic African American church in Charleston and opened fire. Police are in the midst of a manhunt to find the ‘extremely dangerous’ gunman.

What a terrible and heartbreaking tragedy. Nine people have died after being shot dead by a gunman during a Wednesday evening bible study at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina on June 17. Police are calling this horrific act a “hate crime” and are actively searching for the gunman, who is still on the loose.

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2015 NBA Champions – Golden State Warriors

Justin Burnell:

Congrats to Daymond Green, Steph Curry and the whole team of Golden State Warriors for their win at NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Warriors are the 2015 NBA Champions.

Originally posted on Main Street One™:

For the first time since the very first Finals a rookie coach wins it all (though that was going to be the case no matter which team won).

For the first time since 1975 the Warriors can call themselves the NBA Champions.

For the first time since 1999 one of the two Finals teams was not named the Spurs, Lakers or Heat.

For the first time ever the first two games of the NBA Finals went into overtime.

2015 NBA Finals - Game Six Bill Russell and Andre Iguodala (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)

For the second year in a row the Finals MVP was not the star of the cast, with Andre Iguodala taking home the hardware this year, following Kahwi Leonard’s performance last year when the Spurs dismantled the Heat.

In a hard-fought six-game series, the Dubs took down the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Some of the games were not the greatest to watch at times but…

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Song Of The Day: 2Pac – Tradin’ War Stories (feat. The Outlawz, C-Bo and Storm)


Song of the day for June 16th goes to 2Pac with “Tradin’ War Stories” featuring Outlawz, C-Bo and Storm (female rap member of The Outlawz Immortalz). This track is off of Pac’s 1996 classic hip-hop double album All Eyez On Me. Rick Rock produced the track. This has got to be the best posse cut of all time. BTW happy birthday 2Pac. RIP Tupac Shakur.

Game of Thrones Season 5 finale: So who’s actually dead? (Warning: spoilers)

Justin Burnell:

I was shocked and a little bit of disappointing about the ending. Rest of the scenes from GoT Season 5 finale including the brutal walk of shame was intense. I don’t spoil about what happened on the finale. Ayra was a BAMF. I’ll watch the next season but I wanna wonder what’s gonna happen on Season 6.

Originally posted on Metro News:

On Sunday night, HBO brought us another epic Game of Thrones season finale. In typical Westeros fashion, the final episode of Season 5 was a jaw-dropping, bloody affair that shocked us, confused us and violently tugged at our heartstrings (say it ain’t so, Jon!).

While the episode left us emotionally rattled, it also spurred a handful of mortal cliffhangers for us to mull over until next spring. Which of our most beloved and hated characters are actually dead?

Here’s a recap of who’s dead, who could be dead and who deserves to be dead after the Season 5 finale. And yes, this is completely full of spoilers. So stop reading if you haven’t watched it yet!

Jon Snow

Jon Snow’s fate in the season finale was a complete shiv to the heart for viewers … no pun intended. Sadly one of our most beloved characters from the beginning of…

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Back From The Writer’s Block (A Hiatus of Blogging)

Hello readers and subscribers it’s been three weeks since my blog have been pretty quiet lately. I’ve eventually ran out of ideas for the blog posts because I was stuck on the writer’s block and nothing to write or publish. There are some other reasons why I did took some off of blogging because I was going through some things in my personal life, stay busy like watching tv shows and things like that. To my followers I’m back with this blog post about beating the writer’s block and getting back to writing. I will write more ideas and take photos too. 

David Letterman’s Last ‘Late Show’ To Run Very Long Tonight

Justin Burnell:

I don’t remember how do I started watching Last Show with David Letterman but I’m sure gonna miss that show.

Originally posted on Deadline:

As expected, David Letterman’s celebrity-studded final night hosting Late Show ran long. Very LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMANlong. Instead of the usual nip-and-tucking a network would do on a show that runs long, so as to keep programs running on-schedule-ish, CBS has made the call to let the show run long. Very long. Like pushing 17 minutes long-ish. Because, in round numbers, the network decided nobody who’s wrapping up a groundbreaking and record-setting 33-year career like Letterman’s should should have to worry on his last broadcast about coming in on time. Good for CBS. Set your DVRs accordingly.

It, obviously, will push the start time of tonight’s Late Late Show With James Corden.

In marked contrast to when NBC was saying so-long to Johnny Carson, pushing Letterman out the door, pushing Conan out the door, or pushing Leno out the door – twice – CBS nearly every step of the way has…

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Recap: Mad Men Watch: Om Sweet Om

Justin Burnell:

I enjoyed the series finale of Mad Men. It was epic. The ending with an old Coke ad was priceless. Mad Men will always be my favorite show forever.

Originally posted on TIME:

Spoilers for the season finale of Mad Men below:

“There’s more to life than work.” –Stan Rizzo

Is there? The entire finale of Mad Men seemed to be making that point, or at least, it found the series’ central characters wrestling with the issue. Peggy Olson found love at work–no mortal can resist Stan’s suede and turquoise for long–while also finding a calling there. Joan found that her work cost her a relationship, as Richard’s supportive talk turned out to be all talk–yet when we last saw her, she seemed to have managed to integrate her work with her life. Even Roger Sterling ends his story out of the office, ordering champagne happily with Marie.

And then of course there was Don, whose hobo journey led him at the end away from the office, by way of the Bonneville Salt Flats, to a meditation center in California, where, stripped of…

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