Dilla Month (Feb. 5th & 6th) Day Five and Six – Common “Dooinit” & “The Light”

Dilla Month for February 5th (Yesterday was Friday) and Saturday February 6, 2016.

“Dooinit” is from Common’s fourth album Like Water For Chocolate in 2000. The track that J Dilla produced with the sample of Rick James “Give It To Me Baby” joint was crazy. Common held it down for the verses like “N***a you wack”. Dope scratching hook tho.

I love this song “The Light”. I love the drum breakbeat and the original sample of this joint. Common was the man in 2000.

Dilla Month (February 3rd and 4th) Day Three and Four – Slum Village feat. Q-Tip “Hold Tight” and The Pharcyde “Drop”

Yesterday I didn’t post a Dilla Month because I have nothin’ to write.

This afternoon I heard this track on Music Choice. The joint is called “Hold Tight” by Slum Village featuring Q-Tip. That song was absolutely dope with the drum break sample and stuff. Off of Fantastic Vol. 2 released in 2000. The Abstract, Dilla, T3 and Baatin ripped it. RIP Baatin and Dilla Dawg

Alright the song I really like was The Pharcyde had their flow in it and the Beastie Boys voice sample saying “Drop” was hella fresh. I know every song that Dilla produced like this. What I like about the video was the special effects with backwards and stuff. Spike Jonze is a genius. 

Dilla Month (February 2nd) Day Two – A Tribe Called Quest “Find A Way”

I was even 8 years old when this song came out. I seen it on MTV, The Box and VH1 channels. A Tribe Called Quest released their fifth album titled “The Love Movement” in 1998 so I had bought the CD from Target. I really like this song. The track was produced by The Ummah which made up by Q-Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jay Dee who would by the name of J Dilla. Good jam though. Like the sample too.

Bonus: Towa Tei “Technova” (Original Sample of “Find A Way”)

Dilla Month (February 1st) Day One – Stop

“Stop” is one of my favorite J Dilla’s beats from his classic instrumental album Donuts. I love this song. He took Dionne Warwick “You’re Gonna Need Me” (same sample as Usher’s Just Blaze-produced cut “Throwback” from 2004 album “Confessions”) and Jadakiss’s voice sample and made the heck out of the chopping beat. Dope.

Bonus: Dionne Warwick “You’re Gonna Need Me”

RIP Sean Price and J Dilla. 9th Wonder, Just Blaze and Dilla Dawg bodied the sample.


Dilla Month is the honor of February is what J Dilla’s month of his birth (February 7th). Still one of my favorite producers in the universe.

Detroit Girl in a New York World


That’s right!!

Anyone who is familiar with this page knows what February is! Dilla Month! Every day at 2pm, I’ll post a song that is either produced by Dilla, features Dilla or is Dilla himself. Make sure you check back everyday for a new track!!

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Celebrating Black History Month: Angela Davis

A true Black Panther legend like Angela Davis was the true inspiration for every black sister who wears Afro. Salute to Angela Davis.

Curly Wifey

By Jackie M.

Celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth with a Curly Inspiration Pic everyday the month of February. Today I’m loving this #afroqueen Angela Davis, a political activist, educator, former leader during the Civil Rights Movement, and former Black Panther Political Party activist, in the 1960s-1970s.
Follow this link for an article featuring Davis and why the #afro had a major impact during that time.

http://m.essence.com/2015/02/11/impact-fro-civil-rights-movement “The Impact of the Fro in the Civil Rights Movement” written by Chime Edwards

Essence Magazine, Feb. 2015 #knowyourhistory #BlackHistoryMonth #AngelaDavis #CurlyWifeyBlog #teamnatural #naturalhair #curlyafro #fro #BlackPanther

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My January 2015 Wrap-Up/Happy February 1st

Hello everyone, this is Justin (you can call me Jus or Jay which is short for Justin). I’ve been busy as a bee because I was out of blogging focus. I ran out of the ideas for the blog post. Death’s been arriving in this year with the passing of David Bowie, Paul Kantner, Alan Rickman, Abe Vigoda, and now Signe Anderson (the original lead singer of Jefferson Airplane).

There’s a lot of things that kept me busy is watching tv, playing Criminal Case and stuff like personal life. I was stuck in the writers block because I ain’t got nothin’ to write. January is over now.

During the MLK weekend I stayed home and did nothing. I didn’t go to the movies, go out for a walk and shxt. Mother Nature makes everything worse for the coldest weather. I’m waiting for Spring and Summer to come so I can go outside and play.

Today is February 1st so it’s the 1st of tha month like what Bone Thugs-N-Harmony says in the song. I got many thing coming up for the blog “THB Files” with more songs, videos, photos and stuff. I need to make more lists and come up with a lots of topics.

Happy Black History Month, February 1st and Dilla Month everyone!