Everything mentioned from 2002 and 2003 in VH1’s ‘I Love the 2000s’

Justin Burnell:

2002 was the year that I became a crazy-ass teenager. 2003 was a good year for me.

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[ew_image url=”http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2014/05/22/i-love-the-2000s-02.jpg” credit=”” align=”left”]It’s been a dozen years now since 2002, but thanks to VH1’s I Love the 2000s, we can be reminded of what a great year it actually was. Serena Williams was the No. 1 tennis player in the world, Jennifer Lopez’s latest breakup was in the headlines, and zombies were the latest craze at the movies.

Clearly, much has changedin the worldsince then.

Of course, in all seriousness, VH1 also spotlighted plenty of other nostalgia-worthy phenomena hyper-specific to 2002 and 2003—like the return of the movie musical, Nelly’s evergreen musical reason to take your clothes off, and the Verizon ad campaign literally heard all over the world. Here’s a recap of what VH1 had to highlight.


The Wire

Blue Crush
28 Days Later
8 Mile

“Hot in Herre” – Nelly
“Soak up the Sun” – Sheryl Crow
“Superman” – Five for Fighting
“The Middle” – Jimmy…

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’24: Live Another Day’ Recap and Review: ‘6:00 PM – 7:00 PM’

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24: Live Another Day

Is Kate Morgan going to realize that the tech support guy she’s talking to in the picture above isn’t Jordan Reed? Is Jordan ever actually going to turn up anywhere, or just wander around aimlessly? And which major character isn’t going to make it through the hour? The answers to these and other questions can be found in my recap and review of Monday’s 24: Live Another Day, “6:00 PM – 7:00 PM,” at Starpulse.

Click here to read my 24: Live Another Day recap of “6:00 PM – 7:00 PM” at Starpulse.

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Casey Kasem: Radio Legend Dies At 82

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Justin Burnell:

R.I.P. Casey Kasem

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So sad. Casey Kasem, a legendary radio DJ who hosted beloved shows like ‘American Top 40,’ passed away on June 15. He was 82 years old.

From being the voice of Shaggy in Scooby-Doo to founding and hosting famous radio show American Top 40Casey Kasem‘s voice was beloved by millions of fans. After a long battle with Parkinson’s disease, Casey passed away at the age of 82.

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Ruby Dee Dead at 91; Emmy Winner, Oscar Nominee and Activist

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Justin Burnell:

It’s so damn sad to hear about her devastated loss. Ruby Dee was a great actress. My three favorite movies that she was featured was “American Gangster”, “Do The Right Thing” and “Jungle Fever”. RIP Ruby Dee.

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Celebrated actress Ruby Dee “took her final bow” and died of natural causes on Wednesday at her home in New Rochelle, N.Y., her daughter Nora told The Associated Press. Dee was 91.

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Summer premiere dates: Find out when ‘Big Brother,’ ‘True Blood,’ and more return

Justin Burnell:

2014 summer TV season is just getting started. Those shows (new and returning) that I can’t wait to watch.

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[ew_image url=”http://img2.timeinc.net/ew/i/2014/05/27/True-Blood-S7-07.jpg” credit=”Anthony Michael Rivetti/HBO” align=”left”]

Summer is here! Here’s the lowdown on when you can expect your favorite shows to return (or your soon-to-be favorite shows to premiere) this year. Schedule your DVR accordingly with our handy calendar below:

MAY 28
So You Think You Can Dance (Fox)

MAY 29
NEW Undateable (NBC)

MAY 30
NEW Crossbones (NBC)
Mystery Millionaire (WeTV)

MAY 31
Sing Your Face Off (ABC)
Bet On Your Baby (ABC)

NEW Halt and Catch Fire (AMC)
NEW Return to Amish (TLC)
NEW Last Seen Alive (Investigation Discovery)
Food Network Star (Food Network)
Mountain Men (History)

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