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How to Fill Up a Notebook

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Have multiple notebooks waiting to be filled? Read on!


  1. Decide what you will write about in your notebook. If you have multiple notebooks, decide what each one is going to be used for. If you choose a single topic to use your notebook for, it will make filling it much simpler. A few options are using a notebook as a diary/journal, as a memento’s keeper, or just to carry around, writing interesting things you see/ hear.
  2. Write on a regular basis. If you’re using your notebook as a journal, then this especially applies. Try to write on a consistent basis, making an entry every day/week/month.
  3. You can decide to use your notebook as a “creative writing” notebook. Do you like to write stories? Include characters, plots, doodles, scenes, and any ideas you have. Do you like to write poetry or songs? Notebooks are a good place for these as well.
  4. You can use your notebook as a friendship journal. You and a good friend or two can take turns writing in it (maybe for a week?), and then passing it on. This can be a great way to have fun and become closer with your friends.
  5. You can use your notebook as a dream journal. When you wake up each morning, write down the dreams you had right away so you don’t forget them!
  6. You can use your notebook as a scrapbook! Journal, draw, paste pictures, photographs, ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, postcards, etc. in your book.
  7. If you decide to use the notebook for school, be a good student. Take good notes!


  • Be patient!
  • Write, even if you have nothing to write about. If you are incredibly bored and don’t know what to do, write about how bored you are. Write about your annoying sister. write about school. Just write!


  • If you don’t want others to see the notebooks, hide them well, and take caution!

Things You’ll Need

  • A writing tool such as a pencil or pen
  • A notebook

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