“Shoot Me:” St. Louis Police Shoot, Kill 25-Year-Old Man Miles From Ferguson (DETAILS)

Justin Burnell:

That’s screwed up when another young black man was shot and killed by the police but they could have just taser him instead of shooting him. Here we go again. Oh my f**king god. When is it going to stop. Excuse my language but the police brutality shit is never going to fuckin’ stop.

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capture7UPDATE: Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The man shot and killed by St. Louis police on Tuesday has been identified as 25-year-old Kajieme Powell. Powell was not from St. Louis, but was visiting his grandmother, who lives there.

Police Chief Sam Dotson gave this account of the incident:

Powell walked out of the Six Stars Market, at 8701 Riverview, without paying for two energy drinks, and the store owner told him to stop. A few minutes later, Powell came back and took a package of muffins or pastries, Dotson said, adding that the store owner walked out with him and asked him to pay for the items. Powell started throwing the items on the street and sidewalk. St. Louis Alderman Dionne Flowers, who works at a nearby beauty shop, witnessed the encounter and told officers the man was acting erratically and was grabbing at his waistband.

Dotson said the store owner and the…

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15 Ways To Stop Police Brutality

Justin Burnell:

This is why I don’t like about the police brutality because they killed two young unarmed black men. This has got to stop.

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This story was originally published on MommyNoire.com. Click here for more topics around this issue.

Parents are going to have to come to terms with the state of affairs with Black youth and the police. In the words of Charles Dutton in 1993’s Menace II Society: “The hunt is on and you’re the prey.” In just a couple of months, we’ve seen several high-profile cases involving overaggressive police who are abusing their tax-payer given jobs. Unarmed men like Eric Garner, Mike Brown and – earlier this week – Ezell Ford were killed at the hands or guns–of police. 
The police are out here and it feels like its open season on us. What’s scarier is that we are (seemingly) powerless to do anything. The truth couldn’t be further from reality.

Here what you CAN do.

1. Educate your kids, friends, family – and yourself.

Black men/boys and Black…

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10 Hip-Hop Songs About Police Brutality & Misconduct To Vent To

Justin Burnell:

Best list about the police brutality. My favorite song was “Fuck The Police” by NWA.

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Eric Garner.  John Crawford.  Michael Brown.  Ezell Ford.  All these recent news stories about police brutality are heart-breaking and a painful reminder that, despite how far this country has come in terms of race relations, law enforcement and the justice system still have African-American males in their cross hairs. Moreover, there’s no damn good reason these humans are are dead.  It isn’t right and things need to change. And then, there is the media. Why is the mainstream media seemingly more concerned with relatively minor indiscretions surrounding a tragedy than the tragedy itself? These were human beings with families and loved ones.

Never forget: The real tragedies were caused by the police.  And while not all police officers are bad, racist, or corrupt, Hip-Hop has never shied away from addressing the ones who are.  Here is a list of 10 Hip-Hop songs to vent to as we toil over the issue…

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Robin Williams Confirmed Dead From Suicide By Hanging

Justin Burnell:

Death doesn’t stop but death is invitable. RIP Robin Williams.

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Robin Williams was found dead in his bedroom in his Tiburon, Calif. home on August 11, hanging with a belt around his neck. Robin also had cuts on his wrist, and a pocket knife was found near his body. Sadly, this confirms that Robin died by his own hand.

The 63-year-old “killed himself,” police say, and are conducting an ongoing investigation of Robin Williams‘ death, as suicide by asphyxiation. Robin’s rep says that the actor had been battling severe depressing at his time of death. Update: Robin’s body was found by his personal assistant on Monday morning, while his wife, Susan Schneider, was out of their home, running errands.

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Lauren Bacall, Star of Hollywood’s Golden Age, Dies at 89

Justin Burnell:

RIP Lauren Becall. Greatest legendary actress of all time.

Originally posted on Variety:

Lauren Bacall, the sultry blonde siren who became an overnight star via a memorable film debut at age 19 opposite Humphrey Bogart in Howard Hawks’ “To Have and Have Not,” died Tuesday of a suspected stroke at her home in the Dakota in Manhattan. She was 89.

The Bogart estate confirmed the news on Twitter.

Variety’s review of the 1944 film described her as “a young lady of presence,” and audiences immediately embraced her gravel-voiced and sultry persona. The voice was said to have come from a year shouting into a canyon. Regardless, “the Look,” her slinky, pouty-lipped head-lowered stare, influenced a generation of actresses.

After a 50-year career, she received her first Oscar nomination for supporting actress for her role as Barbra Streisand’s mother in 1997’s “The Mirror Has Two Faces.” Though considered a shoo-in, she didn’t win. However, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences gave her a 2009 Governors…

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Video Of The Day: “Kickin’ With My Daddy” by Ricky Weems Jr. And Kaliyah Weems

Video of the day for August 12th goes to “Kickin’ With My Daddy”. The video was uploaded by an Saginaw man named Ricky Weems Jr. whose from the same city as me. His ten-year-old daughter named Kaliyah Weems did her thing and nailed it with verse and stuff. It got my attention from the Saginaw News. Best video of the year. I loved it. Much props to Ricky and Kaliyah. Sagnasty stand up!!! I ain’t no hater though so I’m not hating on this.

13 Times Robin Williams Made Us Laugh, Cry, Clap… Or Cower In Fear

Justin Burnell:

I enjoyed of his works including “Jumanji”, “Flubber”, “Happy Feet”, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, and “Hook”. Great actor.

Originally posted on The Urban Daily:

Oscar-winning actor/comedian Robin Williams was found dead at his residence in Tiburon, CA late this morning. In his passing, he’s left behind an impressive body of work, as few were as versatile and crowd-pleasing as the late Academy Award winning actor. Whether it was slapstick comedy, rousing dramas, or something in between, his performances transcended genres and touched our imaginations. Here are some examples of Robin Williams at his finest.


Popeye (1980)

Channeling all of his comedic energy into the role of the spinach loving sailor, “Popeye” was his first big break in the industry. That and he punches a giant squid into the sky. Movie magic.

Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)

As an Army DJ during the Vietnam war, Williams brought humor and heart to the conflict in “Good Morning, Vietnam.” Even more impressive than that is the fact that most of his radio broadcast sessions were completely improvised.

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Robin Williams Is Dead

Justin Burnell:

Robin Williams is a great funny man and amazing actor. My favorite movies like “Mrs. Doubtfire”, and “Flubber” with him. He kept us laughing and stuff. I was very shocked when he passed. His legacy lives on. My prayers goes out to his friends, fans and family.

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I was in the middle of finishing up another post when I heard the sad news that Robin Williams, the comedian, is dead at 63.
He was a very funny man.
Probably the funniest man of his time.
One of those guys that you just had to hang on to your seat when he was talking.
Because you didn’t know where he was going.
And to be fair I don’t know if he did either.
Some may not have liked his over the top style.
But I always enjoyed his standup and his acting.
He was great as Genie in Aladdin and as the therapist in Good Will Hunting.
Apparently his death was a suicide.
Wow that was an awful segue.
Assuming the reports are true I send my condolences to his family and friends.
It is sad news when a man that can make so many people laugh dies.

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The Leftovers Recap: Father’s Daze

Justin Burnell:

Great episode ever made.

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In this week’s episode of The Leftovers, Garvey Sr. escapes from the mental institution just in time to save Jill from suffocating in a refrigerator. (Kids, don’t try that at home. Or anywhere.) But, as you’d expect of someone on the run from the loony bin, he starts more trouble than he stops. Here’s how it all shakes out…

NO LUCK BUT THE BAD KIND | Early on in “Solace for Tired Feet,” Garvey and Nora end their fifth date — wait, we missed four whole dates?! — by heading to her place to have sex for the first time. Unfortunately, Meg and one of her GR cronies are already there, doing that creepy stare-smoking thing that they do, which kinda ruins the ambiance. Rain check? Check. Garvey has less enjoyable but more urgent matters to attend to, anyway, once he finds out from Jill that his dad is…

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