The Countdown to End a Countdown: The Top 10 Moments from BET’s “106 and Park”

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Justin Burnell:

My favorite 106 & Park moments were Tom Cruise dancing, 50 Cent & Kanye West, Janet and AJ thing and others. I used to watch the show back when I was in elementary school. I always watch it after Rap City. 106 & Park has been on airwaves since 14 years but now itr’s over. Great show.

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Today marks the end of an era.  It’s the last televised episode of BET’s iconic music video countdown show, 106 and Park.  From here on out, 106 will appear online only.  “The livest audience on television” is now a thing of the past, but the excitement which earned that title came just as much from what happened between videos than the videos themselves.

In honor of 106 and Park coming to an end, has gone back to the beginning and put together a list of the ten best moments in the history of the show.

10). Michelle Williams Falls: In 2004, Destiny’s Child appeared on 106 to perform their smash-hit “Soldier.”  The most notable part of the performance though was right when the trio went on stage and Michelle Williams took a fall.

09). Bow Wow Kisses Tyra Banks: During his teen years, Bow Wow ruled 106 and…

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Justin Burnell:

Man it’s so hard to say goodbye. 106 & Park will always be my favorite.

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Original hosts Free and AJ returned to the stage this evening to give a proper farewell to BETs groundbreaking show”106 & Park.” Hitting the airwaves in 2000, the countdown became a launching pad for a variety of artists and celebrities alike, as they turned to the show to stay in touch with a younger generation.

After deciding to pull the show in favor of a digital only format, the network officially closed a chapter which has included Big Tigger, Terrence J, Rocsi Diaz, Julissa, Bow Wow, Miss Mykie and more.

Formally closing out the show, the final video aired was Chris Brown’s “Deuces.”

Take a look at some of the images from the last episode.

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Theaters, Sony, and Paramount Cave to Terrorists and Cyberbullies & Why that’s Bad

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Justin Burnell:

Best post that I ever read about The Interview. It’s kinda messed up when the movie was canceled. Sony could have just released it on DVD instead of leaving it shelved. It’s like taking candy out of baby’s mouth.

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interview_xlgIn what can only be described as stupidity and cowardice, national theater chains including AMC, Regal, Cinemark, and Cineplex, and eventually Sony Pictures Entertainment have pulled the December 25th release of The Interview. For those who might not know, The Interview is a film starring Seth Rogen and James Franco that has them traveling to North Korea to interview Kim Jong Un, and are tasked to kill the leader. The country didn’t take the comedy too lightly, and instead North Korea (likely, it’s hard to verify) waged a cyber-war against Sony in retaliation.

That cyber attack proved an embarrassment for the American subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate. Sensitive documents were released, and have been fodder for sites over the past week. That coverage of leaked documents, and the subsequent reaction (which we’ll get to), played right into the hackers hands. Really, the…

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Police Say 8 Children Found Stabbed To Death In Australia Home

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Justin Burnell:

How terrible about this. My hearts goes out to the victims’ family and friends.

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So sad. A number of children were killed during a mass stabbing in Cairns, Australia, a new report claims. At this time, authorities are investigating the horrific scene.

Eight children, aged between 18 months and 15 years, were reportedly been found dead in a home, located in a suburb of Cairns, Australia, police said Dec. 19, according to CNN. Authorities were called to the scene of the crime on Friday morning (Australia time) after reports of a woman with serious injuries.

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