Top 5 Summer Movies of 2014

English: 50s Style Movie Box Office (Created t...

English: 50s Style Movie Box Office (Created the weekend of the release of the Dark Knight.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During the summer, I’ve been watching movies at the show aka movie theater. Some of them that I missed out on them. I actually went to go see the films that I really wanted. It doesn’t matter about waiting to come out on DVD or something like that. Well I’m counting down the top 5 movies of the summer in 2014 in no particular order.

1. Guardians Of The Galaxy

2. The Amazing Spider Man 2

3. X-Men: Days Of Future Past

4. Transformers: Age of Extinction

5. Think Like A Man Too

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Justice For AvaLynn: Mississippi Girl Severely Beaten On The Playground At School (PHOTOS)

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A little girl from Mississippi named AvaLynn came home from school with shocking injuries all over her face one day, and little AvaLynn’s mother is demanding justice.

According to The Epoch Times, the girl was allegedly severely beaten by another student, but the school is saying that AvaLynn got those injuries while playing on the school’s playground.

Her mother has created a Facebook page to get justice for her daughter, titling it “Justice For AvaLynn,” and sharing pictures of AvaLynn’s injuries , which include cuts on her face, and two huge black eyes.

Her mother, Lacey Harris, wrote on the page:

“As much as my heart is broken for my daughter, I am also amazed by the outpouring of love and support from our family, friends, Oasis church family and our community. Thank you so much for your concern, kind words, prayers, thoughts, shares, and donation. We ask that…

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How That Massive Celebrity Hack Might Have Happened

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The leak of personal photos of more than 100 female celebrities, nude and otherwise, has tech observers questioning and debating potential vulnerabilities in Apple’s iCloud. But for those of us who don’t intuitively understand technology the questions remain: how could this happen and could it happen to me? Here are some answers:

Who was affected?

An anonymous user posted photos of celebrities like The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton to the site 4Chan. The hacker claimed that there could be posts of more than 100 celebrities in total. Some celebrities, Lawrence and Upton included, confirmed the photos’ authenticity. Others, like Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice, claimed the photos were fakes.

How did the hackers do it?

The leading theory goes that hackers found a vulnerability in Apple iCloud’s “Find My iPhone” service, which helps users find lost or stolen phones via the cloud. Apple typically protects…

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